Ayurveda Treatment:-


Ayurveda is is our ancient Indian path. It is one of the best treatment in the whole world. Unlike allopathic medicine there is no serious side effects.

With the grace of GOD of Ayurveda ā€˜Lord Dhanvantri ā€˜ Our clinic Bengali Dawakhana is one of the leading institute of ayurvedic treatment in whole world.

According to Ayurveda our body consist of three Doshas I.e. vata, Pitta, and Kapha and seven tissues like Plasma, Blood, Muscles , Fat, Bone Marrow, and reproductive tissue. Imbalance of any of them lead to the imbalance in body which we call as disease.

Among all reproductive tissues are most important for healthy body as it work to produce semen and keep us healthy. If any problem arises in this tissue then it can only be cured with the help of Ayurveda.